How To Look After Your Afro Hair

How To Look After Your Afro Hair

Afro hairstyle has been very popular this year. It is a low maintenance style of one’s natural hair. It can be brittle and this means you need patience and hard work to maintain it. You need to take proper care of the hair to keep it looking tender, supple and healthy. Here are tips on how to look after your afro hair.

You need to shampoo the hair at least once weekly to retain moisture and highlight the natural curls. This is because the hair is prone to damage, roughness and dryness. If you find that are prone to hair loss, you may want to consider an afro hair transplant. If not, then choose a shampoo with moisture elements so as to keep your hair hydrated. It should not contain sulfates because they strip moisture from the hair. Your conditioner should also be rich in moisture elements. Choose a conditioner made for thick, curly hair. After conditioning, apply leave-in to your hair to prevent tangling.

Use a wide-toothed comb or a brush with natural bristles. Alternatively, you can use your fingers to untangle your afro. Partition your hair, then comb from the edges downwards. This reduces breakage.

Give your afro hair some essential oil treatments. You can use oils such as castor oil, coconut oil, olive oil and tea tree oil. These natural oils not only keep your hair moisturized but also give it a healthy look. Apply pomegranate seed oil or coconut oil to your hair and massage it your hair strands to the tips then cover it with a plastic cap. After at least 30 minutes wash the hair and you will be amazed by its new silky, lustrous look.

Always cover your afro hair using a silk scarf when sleeping. This reduces the loss of the hair’s natural oils. It also reduces the friction between the hair and the fabric. Friction is an enemy to afro hair. It makes the snap of the roots leading to hair loss. Take care of your afro with these tips and you will be amazed.

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